Oct 03 2018 / 113 min. (10:56 AM to 12:49 PM)

Round #2692

Dynamic Mode on Packed Station ☠24 / 113 Player deaths / non-player deaths


heroinehero007 as Urza the Deathless
jeanvoerman as Tayachiya
plausibledeniability as Charles Thomas
heroinehero007 as Urza the Deathless
godjesus as Kyle Elderson
jackmassacre as Guillermo Bailey
jackmassacre as borer (195)
manfreed as Alfons Batten
autisticmouse as Fitz Day
slashbolt as Johnathan Bravo
killette2 as Brandon Schofield
volttekka as Maribelle De Blancloup
icytruth as Spike D. Rink
joweosme as Bradley Holmes
bottledwater as mouse (75)
henryblackie as Theodore Ringer
oldconman as Drew Peacock
henryblackie as Theodore Ringer
plebbit as Casey Richardson
spacedgod as Jermaine Mitchell
aceedex as Derek Stiles
assburgeri as George Howard
blueleaf as Funnybones
boosterrooster as Ricky Stick

Antag objectives:

Gamemode template unwritten.